'Show runners' itching for episodes

A small number of striking writers showed-up to picket in front of NBC studios on Monday in New York City.


Scott Jagow: The Hollywood writers' strike is really and truly almost over. The Writer's Guild approved a new three-year contract yesterday. More now from Renita Jablonski.

Renita Jablonski: Wednesday will be the big back-to-work day. That's because tomorrow the L.A. and New York branches of the Writers' Guild of America will vote on whether to officially end the strike.

Executive editor at Variety, Mike Speier, says after three months on the picket line, writers finally got a piece of the Internet pie.

Mike Speier: In terms of streaming and in terms of downloading, they did get something. But more importantly, they got jurisdiction over this stuff. In the past, the studios were kind of able to call the shots.

Guild members will probably approve the contract within the next couple weeks. Speier says there may be some tension between writers and other staff at first. But once TV shows and movies are being churned out again, the mood will get better.

Speier: Remember, this is Hollywood. Money is the bottom line.

Goodbye re-runs, hello cash. In Los Angeles, I'm Renita Jablonski for Marketplace.


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