Every dog has its day

They sound like royalty -- sporting the latest designer accessories, adorned in Swarovski crystal, receiving over $6,000 in presents for Christmas last year.

But they're not princesses. They're puppies.

Three Yorkshire Terrier puppies to be exact. And their owner Louise Harris has spent over $160,000 on her pets in six years.

Lola, Lulu and Larry have traditional everyday-wear -- $300 collars and $650 tiaras -- as well as $4,000 in ruby and emerald laden jewelery for special occasions. They regularly receive doggy massages, and are insured at over $8,000.

The 31-year-old admits to the U.K.'s "Daily Mail" that the pups may be spoiled. "'Even I'm a bit shocked at the amount I've spent on them - it's totally barmy! ... A lot of people think I'm mad, and I realize it's completely over the top, but I want to give them the best life I possibly can."

The spending has paid off though. Harris has opened a store called Diva Dogs, and is about to get her own TV show.

You can read Daily Mail's full article and see more pictures of Harris' dogs here

And don't miss Diva Dog's website.

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Poster child for wealth re-distribution. Like the donkey with the spinnin wheel - No one knows where she got it, and dammned if she knows how to use it!

For that kind of money she could have built and staffed an animal shelter...

If she donated half of this money to SPCA, Humane Society, etc., she would do a lot more good. Dogs benefit much more from having a good home than they do from crystal collars. Let's stop supporting so much nonsense in our society and start encouraging people to be responsible citizens.

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