Concrete manatee mailbox doesn't have many fans

Manatee mailboxes, like those pictured here, are apparently not a hit in one Pennsylvania neighborhood.

To Monroe, Penn., and the case of a missing manatee.

Not a real manatee... but a $1,000 concrete manatee mailbox that went missing earlier this week.

It was found in a creek, missing its left arm and with a head injury.  The owner wasn't surprised.

According to the Patriot News, in the seven years she's owned the manatee mailbox, it's been smashed with a golf club; dressed up; and set on fire.

She says she'll probably just keep it in the backyard from now on.

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Amazing what items will drive people to vandalism. Still, a manatee in PA? It is pretty ugly, and fat. Maybe two conditions that provoke nasty re-actions?

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