The best cities for cheapskates

The Gateway Arch is seen along the Mississippi River in St. Louis, Missouri.

Kipingers is out with a  list of the best cities for cheapskates.

Places like South Bend, Indiana -- that's number eight -- where you can go to a Notre Dame games for as little as $5.

Or number 4 -- Kalamazoo, Mich. -- which has 21 dollar general stores within 30 miles.

Number one on the list is St. Louis, where in addition to the fact that the favorite local dish is the relatively inexpensive toasted ravioli, overall living costs are 9 percent below the national average.

The Top 10 Cheapskate Cities

10. Wichita, Kansas

9. Jonesboro, Arkansas

8. South Bend, Indiana

7. Eau Claire, Wisconsin

6. San Antonio, Texas

5. Spokane, Washington

4. Kalamazoo, Michigan

3. Springfield, Illinois

2. El Paso, Texas

1. St. Louis, Missouri

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