Obama makes deal to let Mexican trucks on U.S. highways

A United States Customs agent waits for a northbound truck crossing the border to enter the United States from Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, near Nogales, AZ.


STEVE CHIOTAKIS: President Obama and Mexico's president appear to have reached an agreement that'll allow Mexican trucks on American highways. The deal puts to rest a decades-old dispute.

Marketplace's Nancy Marshall-Genzer is with us live from Washington with the details. Good morning, Nancy.


CHIOTAKIS: So what does this agreement say?

GENZER: It would require that Mexican truckers pass drug and safety tests before they're certified to drive in the U.S. That's designed to answer complaints from American unions that Mexican trucks are unsafe. George Grayson is a political scientists specializing in Mexico at the College of William and Mary. He says Mexico has already been working on the safety of its rigs.

GEORGE GRAYSON: The rigs are much safer now, and the drivers more experienced. And there in fact have been some studies to indicate that Mexican trucks are actually safer than those that ply the roadways of Canada and the United States.

CHIOTAKIS: But weren't Mexican trucks already allowed into the U.S. under NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement?

GENZER: Good memory, Steve. They were. But the U.S. kept them out anyway, partly because of pressure from union drivers. They said their jobs would be threatened by Mexican rigs. Then there were the allegations about safety. Now Mexico retaliated by increasing tariffs on dozens of American products headed to Mexico. Remember, this is a tentative agreement pending Congressional approval. The deal is expected to land on Capitol Hill later this month or in April. Mexico says, if the agreement is approved, it'll gradually end the tariffs. They'd be dropped entirely when the first Mexican rig was certified for U.S. roads.

CHIOTAKIS: Marketplace's Nancy Marshall Genzer in Washington. Nancy Thanks.

GENZER: You're welcome.

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Nancy Marshall-Genzer is a senior reporter for Marketplace based in Washington, D.C. covering daily news.
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Way to go Obama, since when does the Mexican president dicatate the laws of this country. They raised tariffs because we won't allow their trucks in here, WELL TOO BAD, how about we repeal NAFTA if they don't like it, oh I forgot all of our theiving politicians are too busy kissing Mexicos @$#! for votes.

Why worry about a few trucks when Mexicans are coming across the borders like flies. These people will be made citizens of this country and new voters for Obama. It's looks like a plan to me for re-election tactics. He's the worst President this country has ever had. We, the People of this great nation are the aliens now. We get pulled over for expired tags on the road and the law has been told to not pull over these people unless there are 20-30 in a band that look suspicious. We pay for medical when they don't. How can we feel good about what this President does to OUR country? He's taking this country down and he and Michelle will be the only ones standing.

As an over-the-road long haul trucker, let me opine. Mexican trucks, and U.S. owned/operated trucks driven by foreign nationals who are unable to communicate with others concerning safety and other issues have been operating on our side of the border for some time. Mexican owned trucks however, following the de-funding by congress of the ‘pilot program’ irrationally pimped by G. Bushes DOT Sec. Mary (I don’t know nuthin about truckin) Peters, were restricted to within 100 miles of the border. Now they will be able to compete for loads, and will KILL freight rates, for ALL loads traveling from point A to point B within the 48 lower states. Studies show...code word, for "I'm making up a study, cause this opinion furthers the agenda of my master." Mexican trucks SAFER??? Horse Hockey!!! As bad as this is for America, it is nothing compared to what the debt-backed, fiat currency pushing, constitution-shredding, bank-owned, NWO controlled theives and whores that make up agencies, departments and bureaus of UNITED STATES INC. are doing and have consistently done to destroy the last vestiges of what once made America great. Now it is nothing but Uncle Scam’s gubmint plantation. The American people have been effectively reduced to a nation of flouridated, subjegated, domesticated and castrated worker bees…who enjoy the freedom to “Do What Your Told,” while having their wallets raped, their childrens’ futures stolen, and their country strangled to death by the de facto ruling class, who all have lifeboat reservations. America, you are on the good ship HMS Titanic. You have, I believe, only one viable course. That is, another Declaration of Independence….then do whatever it takes….to make it stick. If that means war, let it begin right HERE! THEY…and we all know who ‘THEY’ is…mean to destroy us and all we love. The least we owe our posterity, is to not make it a cake walk for them.

The complaints about unsafe Mexican trucks is old, and has always been based on the condition of short haul (drayage) trucks that negotiate between U.S. and Mexican terminals within a 25 mile range. For the unions and Ralph Nader to extrapolate this info to long haul trucks attests to their complete lack of morals. U.S. trade unions are this coutries expression of the failed promise of Marxism. Unions, not Mexican trucks, should be outlawed.

Really outrageous; and this coming from an ostensibly progressive President. From my personal (brief) experience, long-haul truckers work nearly constantly as it is and only earn about three hundred dollars a week. This will gaurantee that they earn even less.

Well another way that our wages (drivers) are going to be depressed even more. As if our factories going south wasn,t enough. So much for trucking providing a decent living for blue collar workers. And He says he is for middle class workers. Thanks a lot Obama.

Wow, all that union money that bought Obama and subsidized his run for president and this is how he repays them.

Being in the trade of trucking and intl.
trade, I beleive the main concern now for the Mexican truckers is to comply with the California Air Resource regs.
Most Mexican truckers own/operate very
old equipment which will not comply due
to the year of the trucks

Will the U.S., either directly or indirectly, fund the cost to educate these drivers?

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