PODCAST: Nadella's vision for Microsoft

Satya Nadella.

First up, Sony's Playstation gaming network is back functioning to its usual standards today after being crippled for a time by a major cyber attack this weekend. And that's just one part of a strange business of entertainment story today. Plus, microsoft is expected to unveil a new version of its Windows operating system. The last one, Windows 8, was nice enough but did not take the world by storm. But since then, Microsoft has gotten a new CEO: Satya Nadella. Windows 9 could say a lot about his vision for the company. Also, Japan has resumed exporting rice grown in the Fukushimia region for the first time since the nuclear power disaster in 2011. A shipment of 650 pounds of rice sold out at a big supermarket in Singapore.  That local success could help reopen markets beyond Singapore for struggling Japanese farmers.

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