Mid-day Extra: Oktoberfest on a budget

A general view as revelers attend the last day of the Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich, Germany.

Oktoberfest wrapped up yesterday in the city of Munich, Germany. Over the years it has become a big tourist attraction for all kinds of visitors.

Last year, the Oktoberfest bicentennial produced a record amount of beer consumption.

But a report out last month predicted Oktoberfest inflation -- based on the cost of transportation, two liters of beer, and a half a grilled chicken - was on the rise. One economist estimated that Oktoberfest patrons paid 3.3 percent more this year.

To find out first hand how this year's festival went, we have Heather Wynn, manager of Discover Munich with Lenny's Bike Tour.

She says that the visitors will still come no matter what -- but they are willing to cut corners everywhere but the beer. Some who normally stay in hostels decided to camp out, and many shied away from extras like tour through city's 450+ beer halls.


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