McDonald's apologizes for the quality of its coffee

A McDonald's advertisement for McCafe

JEREMY HOBSON: To Australia now where McDonald's is saying sorry to its customers. Over the weekend, the company launched an ad campaign apologizing for the quality of its coffee.

Stuart Cohen has the story from Sydney.

COMMERCIAL: This cup's for you complainers. Thanks to you we've changed to a richer, smoother blend.

STUART COHEN: McDonald's is better known for its burgers than its quality coffee. But the company's chief operating officer in Australia wants to change that. She says Aussies have a sophisticated palate when it comes to coffee and McDonald's wasn't pouring a quality brew. So the company has taken the unusual step of apologizing and promising a free cup of coffee to those who remain unhappy.

For the few customers actually going into a McDonald's in downtown Sydney for the coffee, the reviews weren't exactly glowing.

MCDONALD'S CUSTOMER ONE: Actually it's not too bad. In comparison to the other cafe places I think it would meet the same standard, and it's a lot cheaper too.

MCDONALD'S CUSTOMER TWO: The only problem is that sometimes you've got to admit that it's cold. It's not always hot.

McDonald's launched its upscale McCafe coffee shop concept in Australia in 1993. It's now spread across the world, including to the United States.

In Sydney, I'm Stuart Cohen for Marketplace.

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" This cup's for you complainers. Thanks to you we've changed to a richer, smoother blend."

If you didn't make your coffee half arsed in the first place you wouldn't have to change anything. Calling your customers 'complainers' because they point out that your coffee is shit is very offensive. We are trying to make your restraunts better by letting you know what can be improved.

Your problems stared with you McDonalds/McCafe, if you used a smooth ritcher blend in the first place, you wouldn't have people telling you your coffees crap.

"promising a free cup of coffee to those who remain unhappy."

Wait, so if I don't like your coffee, you'll just give me more of it? Sweet deal!

Why only Australia? Their coffee in the U.S. is worse to worst. I own McDonald stock and won't buy any of their coffee products. It is uniformly terrible!!

see many starbucks in Australia?
-thats because they had to close down the majority of their stores in Aus cos no-one was going and they where losing money, good riddance - we have a very proud coffee culture in Aus perhaps largely due from importation and embrace of the culture/science from many Italian immigrant families generations that settled generations ago, and crafting its own coffee aesthetic somewhat from there - i have lived in Europe and apart from Italy it is very difficult to find decent coffee after growing up in Aus, ever tried in Paris? shocking- i never would have assumed this! chocolate sprinkles and syrup addition more often than not a way of offering variants of coffee - in France it seems its mainy bitter and - burnt espressos with sugar - lots of sugar. having said that its also super annoying here with every man woman and dog junked up on coffee constantly - unable to function for a split second without a fix.

"She says Aussies have a sophisticated palate when it comes to coffee"... Maybe in Sydney, but judging from the month I spent in Australia last fall, that is certainly not the case in all of Australia. Pouring a packet of Nescafe into a paper cup doesn't exactly require barista training, and that's a common sight outside of the cities.

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