Playlist: TARP feeling the pain

Posted by Caitlan Carroll

For Marketplace, July 19, 2010

The TARP Inspector General is "Feeling the Pain" of U.S. auto dealers that closed last year. So we hear Dinosaur Jr's track by the same name. After our story on targeting older consumers, Brazilian pop group Cansei de Ser Sexy, or CSS, rocks out with "Move." The third installment of our Road Warriors series features hair salon expert Dave Kirby. Kirby waxes rhapsodic over his favorite song to travel with: "Some Other Year" by Garth Michael McDermott. On the show, also check out Interpol's track "Untitled" and "Look at the Sky" by Ulrich Schnauss.



  • Feeling the Pain - Dinosaur Jr.
  • Move - Cansei de Ser Sexy
  • Some Other Year - Garth Michael McDermott
  • Untitled - Interpol
  • Look at the Sky - Ulrich Schnauss
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    I like this feature because whoever picks your bridges likes a lot of the same music I do, but even when I know I own the song I'm not always able to remember what it is or where I can find it on my own iPod or CD/LP collection. And I like getting a bit more than an artist and track name too.

    One small suggestion: You should identify the lists by show date first and then "theme" or whatever you call the "title" of the Playlist. You could delete the word "playlist" since it's in each link. In fact, there's a more fundamental problem for the first time visitor than not being able to find a particular show: It's not obvious that each item listed on the right corresponds to a particular show, instead of some sort of custom thematic list, at least not until after you click the link. I would have been less baffled if the link were "July 19, 2010: TARP Feeling the Pain" instead of "Playlist: TARP Feeling the Pain." Nice Dino Jr tie-in.

    Great suggestion. We'll make a fix this week to display the date and program next to the title so it's more easily identified on the list.

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