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Playlist: The state of the states and debt talks

Posted by Daryl Paranada

For Marketplace Morning Report, Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Here are today's top headlines from the Marketplace Morning Report and from around the web.

Before we get to our coverage of the debt talks, let's start with the latest entry in our Big Book section. A new book maps out how the economies of each of the states are vastly different from one another.

And now onto our debt talks coverage... After months of debate, only two debt plans are currently on the table. Washington took to the airwaves yesterday to explain why there was still no plan to raise the debt ceiling as Wall Street held its breath. Meanwhile, investors are turning to the Swiss franc for safety amid debt fears.

More debt news... Did you know there's only one other advanced nation with a debt ceiling? We tell you what that nation is. And we have an explainer on how governments borrow and lend.

In health news, Arizona is taking a stand on Medicaid. And while we wait for news on lawmakers reaching a debt deal, the FDIC is waiting too... for a new director to replace Sheila Bair.

Here are the songs we played today:

  • Last Fare -- Little PeopleBuy
  • Fefe Naa Efe -- Fela KutiBuy
  • Hummer -- FoalsBuy
  • Savage Beast -- MadvillainBuy
  • Heard Them Stirring -- Fleet Foxes

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Daryl Paranada is the associate web producer for Marketplace overseeing all daily website content and production, as well as producing multimedia features -- including the popular economic explainer series Whiteboard -- and special projects. Follow him on Twitter @darylparanada.


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