Playlist: A possible Greek solution, New Yorkers protest... everything?

Posted by Mary Dooe

For Marketplace Morning Report, Mon., Sept. 26, 2011

The world might just be drawing closer to a solution to the debt crisis -- or closer to a global financial breakdown if governments can't get their acts together. Protestors have been taking to the streets in New York to protest against... well, they all seem to have different ideas about what the problem is, exactly. The first Boeing Dreamliner gets shipped to to Japan this week, and one town in California bets on its investments in solar power.

And here are the songs we played today:

  • An Argument With Myself - Jens LekmanBuy
  • Myriad Harbor - New PornographersBuy
  • Circle of Life - Lebo M.Buy
  • Soft - Washed OutBuy
  • Lover Of Mine - Beach HouseBuy

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Mary Dooe is an associate producer, and works for both the radio and digital teams.


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