Playlist: Playboy and credit scores

Posted by Caitlan Carroll

For Marketplace July 12, 2010

On today's show, a story about Playboy inspired this saucy sounding music choice: "Parisian Glam Slam" by Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra. Shawn Lee is a multi-instrumentalist on the Ubiquity label. Coming out of our interview about FICO scores, hear the Ruby Suns "Kenya Dig It?" available off of the Dublab compilation In the Loop 5. The second of our Road Warriors pieces airs today with track Disco Balls by Flying Lotus (nephew of Alice Coltrane). Check out part of the 1999 live mix of "Brainfreeze" by Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow after our interview with Stan Cox. And to close out with swells and crescendos--the song "Notations" by Lymbyc System.

  • Parisian Glam Slam - Ping Pong Orchestra
  • Kenya Dig It? - Ruby Suns
  • Disco Balls - Flying Lotus
  • Brainfreeze - Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow
  • Notations - Lymbyc System

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Matt Berger is the former Digital Director at Marketplace.


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