Playlist: A Nobel prize and phone stuff

Posted by Daryl Paranada

For Marketplace Morning Report, Monday, October 11, 2010

Two Americans have won the Nobel Prize in Economics, along with a British professor. Their work is timely: How economic policies affect unemployment. The IMF talked currency at its annual meeting over the weekend, but no action quite yet. We talked with a Wall Street Journal reporter about the problem with bonuses. In tech news, Microsoft released its Windows 7 operating system for mobile devices. And speaking of phones, how do those darned phone books survive in the digital era? If you're shopping today, don't expect big discounts. And if you're in Russia, check out our story on your armed forces' inflatable weapons. These are the songs we played:

  • Magic Spells -- Crystal CastlesBuy
  • Love to Love You Less -- Nikka CostaBuy
  • Living Proof -- Cat PowerBuy
  • Glad -- TrafficBuy
  • Holiday -- MadonnaBuy
  • Mister Magic -- Grover Washington Jr.Buy

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Daryl Paranada is the associate web producer for Marketplace overseeing all daily website content and production, as well as producing multimedia features -- including the popular economic explainer series Whiteboard -- and special projects. Follow him on Twitter @darylparanada.


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