Playlist: NBA put on hold, all eyes on Slovakia

Posted by Mary Dooe

For Marketplace Morning Report, Tues., Oct. 11, 2011

The NBA is cancelling the first two weeks of the season, after players and owners failed to reach a new labor agreement, and that means fans in China (and U.S. players) might start looking elsewhere for their basketball fix. The fate of the European Union, and perhaps the world economy, depends on the small country of Slovakia this morning. They are the last country to vote on an extension of the bailout fund. Obama is in Pittsburgh today, again pushing for his jobs bill. He also is hoping to attract a trillion dollars of foreign investment in the coming years to help create jobs.

And here are the songs we played today:

  • Grown Man - Jessica Lea MayfieldBuy
  • Homecoming - Kanye WestBuy
  • I Wanna Be Your Lover - PrinceBuy
  • Go to that Place - Chico MannBuy
  • Everything Hits At Once - SpoonBuy

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