Playlist: Music for Labor Day

Posted by Matt Berger

For Marketplace, Monday, September 6, 2010

It's a holiday for the U.S., but a Tube strike in the U.K. was threatening to cause chaos. Back here in the States, President Obama announced new stimulus plans to help kick up the economy. Lots of people out there are still out of work, so we had a story about how the recession has changed job fairs. And we had these other stories: Xerox is trying to get recognized for its services beyond copying, food bloggers are popping up at more and more restaurants, scam artists are flourishing in the recession, and new non-alcoholic downers that will help get you off the caffeine buzz. Here's the buzz-worthy music we played on the show:

  • Listerine -- QuasimojoBuy
  • Working for vacation -- Cibo MattoBuy
  • Paparazzi -- Lady GagaBuy
  • Woman Driving, Man Sleeping -- EelsBuy

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Daryl Paranada is the associate web producer for Marketplace overseeing all daily website content and production, as well as producing multimedia features -- including the popular economic explainer series Whiteboard -- and special projects. Follow him on Twitter @darylparanada.


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