Playlist: More job losses in September

Posted by Daryl Paranada

For Marketplace Morning Report, Friday, October 8, 2010

It may be October, but the September jobs report shows the unemployment rate held at 9.6% and 95,000 jobs were lost. Speaking of losses, immigration to the U.S. and EU is on the decline due to the recession. In Europe, Russia is seeking help from the U.S. as it modernizes. Staying international, BlackBerry's maker has reached a deal with the UAE over security concerns. And China's bond rating may get an upgrade. By 2050, China will remain one of the world's most populous countries. But what will the 4th most populous nation be by mid-century? Check out our Globalist quiz. Also, the IMF will be looking into currency concerns as it meets and the FTC is planning new rules to establish what's eco-friendly. And finally, we looked at why gold prices are going up, up, up. Before you go, take a minute to enjoy our Marketplace Minute. These are the songs we played:

  • Food for Thought -- UB40Buy
  • Firesuite -- DovesBuy
  • Nicoman -- Gang Gang DanceBuy
  • Stairway to Heaven -- Led ZeppelinBuy
  • Dress Up in You -- Belle & SebastianBuy

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