Playlist: G20, Rolls-Royce and sea salt

Posted by Chau Tu

For Marketplace, Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today's show covered stories on what President Obama is looking for ahead of the G20 summit, and about the switch-up happening between News Corp. and an NYC school. Rolls-Royce faces more obstacles, which means its competitors may be getting a boost in the near future. We took a look at the viability of high-speed trains in California, and Jennifer Collins looked into the rising trend in sea salt. There was a story about Irish workers moving overseas to find jobs, and commentator David Frum finds irony in China's recent complaints. And here are the songs we played:

  • Juveniles - The WalkmenBuy
  • Two Steps, Twice - FoalsBuy
  • Will There Be Stars - Blonde RedheadBuy
  • Parentheses - The BlowBuy
  • Thousands Are Sailing - The PoguesBuy
  • Long Division (remix) - Fugazi

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Chau Tu is the former assistant web producer for Marketplace.


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