Playlist: The future is unsustainable

Posted by Millie Jefferson

For Marketplace, Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On our show today we look ahead at the future of U.S. debt. Is it sustainable. We also look ahead at the future of BP following its quarterly earnings report. Find out why the U.S. is hesitant to accept Dutch help with the oil despite their clean-up tech. And get to know Marketplace's resident "savvy single" in the second in our series on data mining.

And These are the songs we played:

  • Big in Japan - AlphavilleBuy
  • Hate it or Love it - The Game featuring Mary J. Blige
  • Love N Hate (Instrumentals) - MatlockBuy
  • If you wonder - The Ruling ClassBuy
  • Still D.R.E. - Dr. DreBuy

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Matt Berger is the former Digital Director at Marketplace.
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Think you may have the wrong artist for Love N Hate.

Isn't it BeatMichel???

Not sure if the "Buy" button would have taken me to the correct song, but after listening to Matlock's version on iTunes - if that one was purchased, it would have been quite a surprise to my 57 year old ears!!! :-)

Love the show though.

Tom Bebee
Syracuse, NY

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