Playlist: Barely escaping recession, and the hope for jobs in construction

Posted by Mary Dooe

For Marketplace Morning Report, Tues., Sept. 6, 2011

As wildfires rage in central Texas, local businesses are feeling the hurt, and at least 500 homes have been lost. The American economy will limp along, but avoid recession. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce released its jobs plan today, pushing for free trade deals with South Korea, Colombia and Panama. The Swiss government has decided to peg it's currency to the Euro to help its exporters. And hopes for new job growth can be seen in manufacturing and construction.

And here are the songs we played today.

  • Port of Call - BeirutBuy
  • Real Scared - CopyBuy
  • Rolling With a Dub - Ari RozeBuy
  • Go with You - Toro y Moi Buy
  • Sabali - Amadou & MariamBuy

About the author

Mary Dooe is an associate producer, and works for both the radio and digital teams.


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