Playlist: Amazon kindles a Fire, privacy in an e-world

Posted by Mary Dooe

For Marketplace Morning Report, Wed., Sept. 28, 2011

Amazon unveiled it's new Kindle Fire tablet this morning, just a few days before a big Apple announcement is expected. Individual privacy in a fast-moving, electronic world continues to be an issue, everywhere from OnStar to Apple. Just as the middle income level of the American populace continues to suffer, so too does the retail market. While luxury and discount companies are doing well, those in the middle are getting squeezed.

And here are the songs we played today:

  • Vanished - Crystal CastlesBuy
  • Heart of Gold - Neil YoungBuy
  • Science vs. Romance - Rilo KileyBuy
  • A Staff Of Strength In The Hands Of The Righteous - The Sway MachineryBuy
  • Mazes - Moon DuoBuy

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Mary Dooe is an associate producer, and works for both the radio and digital teams.


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