Full Album Stream: Ry Cooder's "Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down"

When it comes to musical genres, Ry Cooder can play just about anything -- and does. From rock 'n' roll to country to Dixieland jazz, Cooder has mastered multiple genres on many albums. He does it again with his latest production, "Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down." His songs' lyrics are a statement on our current economic times, but the music offers a tour of the country's musical heritage. He starts off with a '30s banjo tune called "No Banker Left Behind," channeling the likes of Uncle Dave Macon and Woody Guthrie with his Dust Bowl ballads. Then he takes on blues' giants with "John Lee Hooker for President" and the best mariachi band you've ever heard with "El Corrido de Jesse James." Take a listen to the entire album, and an interview with Cooder, here:

  • The entire album, "Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down"Stream
  • 1. No Banker Left BehindStream
  • 2. El Corrido de Jesse JamesStream
  • 3. Quick SandStream
  • 4. Dirty ChateauStream
  • 5. Humpty Dumpty WorldStream
  • 6. Christmas Time This YearStream
  • 7. Baby Joined the ArmyStream
  • 8. Lord Tell Me WhyStream
  • 9. John Lee Hooker for PresidentStream
  • 10. DreamerStream
  • 11. Simple ToolsStream
  • 12. If There's A GodStream
  • 13. No Hard FeelingsStream
  • Listen to the interview with Ry Cooder on MarketplaceListen Now

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Just a quick note that "No banker left behind" is on the first and second tracks. El Corrido ... is the third track down, etc.
I enjoyed the interview. Ry sounded like he enjoyed saying Kai's name. By the way, the Chinese interviews were terrific. Thank you, Jim

Kai, et al:

Thanks eversomuch for having Ry on, tonight. I've been paddling my feet and jumping in place waiting for "...Dust..." to come out. Yep: that's what music is supposed to do — and yr interview w/him is what radio is supposed to do. Thanks for the advocacy & exposure.

And then we listened to Jane Lindholm, running a late, live version of her call-in show, on VPR, keeping the info about post-Irene-er-y in Vermont going. A new move for the long-stodgy VPR. And another public radio lurch to the good and useful.

A good night in radio & the Humanities.

Kai, you're the best -- cool, savvy, slick, funny.
Choosing Ry proves it all.

To All Concerned,
Great interview; superb music!
Thank you for not only the content, but also for your overall outlook and approach.
You are most appreciated.

Once again, Ry shows he's in tune with the times. I like all his music, even projects he has said in the past that he didn't like particularly well. While his songs are politically sharp, one of his comments came off as rather flat. I found it humorously dischordant that, while he praises Pete Seeger all the way up the scale, that one of Mr. Seeger's best-known songs, "Where Have All the Flowers Gone," doesn't really resonate with him.

Great info & music- please check out Cliff Eberhardts song "I Love Money" from 500 Miles CD.
Cheers--- Steve

This is brilliant. Reminds me of early Ry recordings.(Wing and a Prayer especially) greatest shows I ever promoted was Ry at Tulagi (Boulder Colorado 1971,Ebbetts Field and Rainbow Music Hall (1975 and 1981 respectively Denver Colorado)

I have always loved Marketplace, and now I know exactly why. There is no other business program on the air that can mix data, great stories and music critical of business all in 30 minutes and make it work. Kai and company... you do great work!

This album was just as good as Chávez Ravine.

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