Extended Playlist: April Whitney

Posted by Christina Huh

For Marketplace, Monday, October 11, 2010

Managing Editor April Whitney is on the road a lot -- whether it's a drive to her assignments for Scoot! Magazine or several hours on a scooter at a rally. She told Marketplace how Edwin Starr's "25 Miles" keeps her pushing through the miles.

Here are a few more songs that keeps her going.

  • 25 Miles - Edwin StarrBuy
  • Beggin' - Timebox
  • Dirty Reggae - The AggrolitesBuy
  • The Who Who Song - Jackie WilsonBuy
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Huge fan -- to the point where I have not missed a show in years, but this road warrior sound track series is terrible. Nothing informative about it -- I could not care less about what some peons listen to to get over their fear of flying or whatever.


Thanks, always looking for new work-out tunes from the day.

Thanks Michael & Marketplace!
Yesterday, I just got back from a trip to France to ride scooters for an article. Edwin Starr was keeping me company there, too!

I enjoyed the audio article and the play list. Our band The New Fidelity has performed at a number of scooter rally's including the High Rollers International Rally in Vegas a couple years back. It was nice to hear about the scooter scene on the radio, and your play list is spot on. Nice piece!
Daniel Perkins

So, I'm sitting at my desk working away and suddenly the radio white noise in the background has grabbed my attention... there's a girl talking about scooting... What's this?? I'm a girl, I scoot!! Hey this is relatable! My ears perked up and I listened to the whole(and too short)radio spot. What a nice treat in the middle of the day, I'm looking forward to checking out your play list! I love Scoot! Magazine by the way, I pick it up whenever I see a new one on the stands.
Thanks for the afternoon pick-me-up!

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