VIDEO: Drilling ban, Viacom feels slammed, and enough iPhones, man!

iPhone Man eagerly anticipates the release of iPhone 4 outside Manhattan's 5th Avenue Apple store.

It looks like Congress has taken the edge
off the rule on how banks can hedge.
The issue was driving a major wedge
and supporters backed off on their earlier pledge.

The U.S. tells the G-20,
"This ain't the time to pinch a penny.
Spend your money -- spend plenty!"
Europe says, "You got any?"

Obama announced a drilling ban.
You can't go in deep water, man.
A Gulf Coast judge says, yes, you can.
Turns out it's in his investment plan.

YouTube aired stuff that was copyrighted.
Viacom felt slighted
and tried to fight it,
but it wasn't requited.
The judge that tried it,
wasn't quite as excited.
Google's delighted.

Fannie Mae says you're a louse
if you and your spouse walk away from your house.

And iPhone 4 has hit the store,
so you don't have to wait anymore.
Thank God -- I'm so tired of the iPhone 3.
I'll see you at marketplace.org.

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Can I tell you how much I love love LOVE the Marketplace Minute on Fridays? I suppose I just did. Thank you for such a clever laugh, I look forward to it now every week!

You know, english is my second lenguage and I always find very hard to write a poem in english. So this is Great!!!

Mr Radke
Your 6/25 Marketplace Minute was one of your best, if not the best.
Awesome job.... Keep it up

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