Marketplace Minute with Bill Radke 4/23

Bill Radke does the Marketplace Minute.

Goldman Sachs is in trouble
for betting against the housing bubble,
while they were selling opposite bets
to clients who now have some major regrets.

Plus, a Goldman director's accused of aiding
a guy who's accused of insider trading.
And all this comes right as the Congress considers
some rules that give Goldman a case of the jitters.

And that, you would think, is the end of my rhyming
About Goldman Sachs and its terrible timing.
But no! This was also their week to confess
that they just made $3 billion bucks, more or less.

GM is paying back what we loaned
(which is us paying us, since they're taxpayer-owned).
Europe's airlines are hemorrhaging cash,
cause Iceland's volcano's a plane in the ash.

And Europe says Greece's debt still haunts 'em.
I've got some Greek bonds . . . if anyone wants 'em.

. . . well, if you change your mind, you know where I'll be.
Come see me at marketplace.org.

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Do you write these yourself? Anyone who can make financial news interesting, funny, and most importantly, rhyme, has my awe and devotion.

My favorite Minute thus far . . .

OMG, I LOVE Marketplace Minute!!! How do you do that, Mr. Radke. Thank you so much! Gingy

HA! Fantastic way to start my Friday, very well done. Especially liked the "Plane in the Ash" bit.


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