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VIDEO: Bill's goodbye

Oct 15, 2010
News in rhyme in 60 seconds time. This week: Unemployment's rise, dollar's demise, the Nobel prize, and Bill says bye-bye.

VIDEO: No glee in trade war

Oct 8, 2010
All the week's business news in a 60-second poem. This week: A less-than-sunny jobs report, Japan slashes its interest rate, a trade war may be brewing, foreclosures, and the Beatles have fewer hits than Glee.

VIDEO: Harping on TARP and stamps

Oct 1, 2010
The week's business news in a 60-second poem. This week: TARP's ending, Europeans are upset about budget cuts, and the Postal Service might revamp the price of a stamp.

VIDEO: A bust for Blockbuster

Sep 24, 2010
All the business news in rhyme in 60 seconds time. This week: Out of the recession (officially), bye-bye Blockbuster, the FDA considers genetically-modified salmon and Colin Powell's take on undocumented workers.

VIDEO: A behemoth airline merger

Sep 17, 2010
All the week's business news in a 60-second poem. This week: Some big airline mergers, tax cut extensions, Tea Party victories, health care opponents show endurance, and Basel III.

VIDEO: Words on Hurd

Sep 10, 2010
The whole week's business news in just one Marketplace Minute. This week: Mark Hurd's move to Oracle sparks a rift, BP spreads oil spill blame, President Obama defends his stimulus moves, and bye-bye to Nokia's CEO.

VIDEO: Acquisitions galore, BK & more

Sep 3, 2010
Watch Marketplace Morning Report Bill Radke sum up the week's news in a 60-second poem. This week: acquisitions, Burger King, Ben Bernanke, oil explosion, double rainbow

Video: Potash and cash

Aug 20, 2010
Bill gets a little help this week from a listener. And tackles fertilizer, jobless claims, profits, olive oil and the BP spill.

VIDEO: Flight of the flight attendant

Aug 13, 2010
So many JetBlue punchlines to choose from in this week's Minute. Which one's your favorite?

VIDEO: Jobs bad, profits OK, Pringles great

Aug 6, 2010
When you can't rely on good job news, at least you can appreciate the fact that Pringles doesn't waste packaging.
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