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Car shares may double as an extended test drive

Oct 14, 2011
On the fence about what car to buy? New car-sharing services like RelayRides and Zipcar are making it easier for people to rent out automobiles and test drive them.
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Why are used cars so expensive?

Sep 23, 2011
We get an update on the state of the used car market from Phil Reed of He was -- and still is -- in favor of buying used, but now has a few caveats.
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To sell or to trade-in your car?

Apr 29, 2011
Tess Vigeland tags along with Phil Reed of as he tries to decide whether to sell or trade-in his Nissan Fit.

Money-saving car insurance tips

Apr 22, 2011's Amy Danise discusses why your zip code matters to insurers and how you can get a better insurance rate. Plus, she tells us the least and most expensive cars to insure.
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