'Tis the tax season

Are you in a top tax bracket?

Congress has just created the equivalent of an interest free loan for you if you make a Roth-IRA conversion fast.

With taxes as the benchmark, the next two years could be the best ever in the modern era--for the wealthy. Time to call the accountant and the estate planner.

Here's why taxes and tax strategies have jumped to the top of the news queue: Obama will sign the $858 billion bi-partisan tax cut deal today.

It seems that almost every homeowner I know is in the process of refinancing their mortgage. A timely warning on protecting your interests during the refinancing.

Banks are unhappy. It may be a victory for consumers. But it's just a proposal and there is a legitimate concern about the law of unintended consequences. Still, the Federal Reserve would like to cut debit card processing fees much more than expected.

About the author

Chris Farrell is the economics editor of Marketplace Money.


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