Last-Minute Tax Tips

The tax clock is ticking with the filing deadline April 18. You read that right. Thanks to the Washington D.C. holiday calendar all procrastinators get an extra weekend.

With so little time left is there anything you can really do to trim the tax bill? Not much, although the folks at Smart Money managed to squeeze out 30 suggestions.

The New York Times highlights a few last minute ideas from an executive with TurboTax.

Even the IRS gets into the act with its own list. And when you get bored you can always take a break and check out 50 fun facts about taxes.

TIP 1: Fund your retirement piggy bank

TIP 2: More tax-deferred savings

TIP 3: What did I do last year?

TIP 4: Know what's new

TIP 5: Slow down

TIP 6: Take a deep breath

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Chris Farrell is the economics editor of Marketplace Money.
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I separated from my husband in November 2009 and spent from December 2009 to June 2010 with my grandma in California. Technically, my name was still on the lease in Michigan. The grant that supported me was taxed in 2009, so the only income I made during that time was a $1000 award from my Michigan college sent to my address in California. In July 2010, I moved to Kentucky and started a regular job.

I reported and paid the federal tax on the $1000 (as scholarship income), but what do I do about a state filing? Do I have to file a California or a Michigan return in addition to the Kentucky? My name was still on the lease in Michigan, but my physical person was in California.


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