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Host Tess Vigeland along with Sr. Producer Paddy Hirsch and tax expert Louis Barajas, who's written five books on personal finance, answer listener tax questions and emails.

Marketplace Money host Tess Vigeland and senior producer Paddy Hirsch open the Money mailbag and... The debate over student debt rages on with our listeners, particularly over the $440,000 debt a medical student told us about last week. The divide came down to choice: One party says that that student made a conscious choice to take on that debt. The other party says that a college degree is absolutely necessary today -- and hence, college debt.

For those of you dealing with student debt, here's a link to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's "Paying for College" page. And a link to the cost comparison tool that may help you evaluate the costs and risks involved in paying for school.

With Tax Day fast approaching, we also met up with Louis Barajas, who shared with us how to find a good tax preparer. One red flag? "I promise I'll get you the biggest refund!"

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Tess Vigeland is the host of Marketplace Money, where she takes a deep dive into why we do what we do with our money.
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I have been listening to the comments on many media about the overwheming cost of going to college these days, especially the "better" colleges. My grandson is now attending a school his parents cannot afford, and I cannot do more than assist with. This school is very wealthy as it is one of the schools with a large national sports program, and a huge endowment. The other schools of its ilk, are behaving much large business and charging exorbitantly for their services and banking their profits making them even more wealthy. What happened to our National value of providing education? These schools with these large pocketbooks should be making attendance available financially to those who can attain their educational standards. They need to become better citizens.

Excellent grades at a community college and then on to a state school will serve your grandson almost as well as a piece a paper from a "better school" and without life crushing debt.

Hiding income in Swiss banks? How exactly does that work? (offshore banks)
How do the US jews hide money in Israeli banks?

How do the rich hide the income and then how do they transfer the cash to Swiss banks?
Bags of money and gold on their private planes?

If they own businesses how do they hide that income?
Do they buy supplies with cash and then sell the finished item, retail item for cash?

If they sell stocks or bonds I do not see how they could hide that income.
If they sell real property how would they hide that income?
Does it always take two to hide the transaction?

I understand how a small cash business might hide income; like the Gulf Coast Cajun who did not have documentation to prove their lost income and therefore were not reimbursed.

What are the basic steps, the loop holes that the rich like Romney use to hide some of their income?

I still think the best use for New Orleans is a Coal Ash repository.
Once the land is filled up above sea level then it would be a place to build on.
The French made the mistake of building below sea level, we should not keep that mistake alive.

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