How will health care reform impact us?

President Barack Obama delivers a statement to the nation following the vote in the House of Representatives on health care reform -- March 21, 2010.

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K, fyi, if you are stopped for a traffic violation next time you are here in Texas and are not carrying automobile liability insurance you will receive a citation/fine. You are required to have liability insurance to drive in the state of Texas. This obviously has not been shown to be unconstitutional. I am being forced to buy insurance by the government. Seems similar to me.

K, but if you had been stopped for a driving violation in Texas and you were not carrying automobile liability insurance you would be issued a citation/fine. Is this unconstitutional? I am being forced to BUY insurance or pay a fine.

re: Specifically the comment by Lane.

One. The “driver’s insurance” ploy is a shibboleth and a red herring. I have driven into Texas and was not stopped at the border and forced to buy “driver’s insurance” before I could proceed. States, in general, do require owners of vehicles to purchase automobile insurance, which is not the same thing. It only appears similar when, coincidentally, the driver is the owner. If anyone knows of any state that requires that a person own a car to become a licensed driver, please let us know.

Never in the history of this country has a citizen been required to buy anything from anyone as a condition of legal residence in the country. That should not be allowed to start.

Two. The FDIC does not insure home loans. Mortgagors do require that mortgagees insure the properties. This protects both the buyer and the mortgagor in the case of, for example, a tornado. But, then, no one is required to buy a home.

re: Medicare/Medicaid 1966.

One hardly would have expected a “school boy” in 1966 to have been paying that much attention. It was in all the news, but … There was no 24/7 news cycle. There was no Internet. “Cable” was “community antenna”, and you still got only a half-dozen channels. Public radio consisted of a local classical music station or two. We weren’t yet drowning in debt. The money required for these programs was grossly understated.

re: Mr. Neely’s comments. Neely repeats the shibboleth about emergency room care. It implies that anyone uninsured is a deadbeat. It is an insult to the millions of people who pay for the care they get even if they don’t have medical insurance.

Finally, the question, “How will health care reform impact (affect) us?”: Higher premiums for most people. Higher co-pays and deductibles for everyone. Less availability of care, except for privileged groups (e.g. politicians). Non-accountable government functionaries deciding what treatments and services will even be available, based on non-public criteria, not science or even price.

So, per the other comment...

Does everyone who makes this argument (forced purchase = unconstitutional)completely forget that states (Texas for instance) require drivers to carry auto insurance, and to obtain a home loan approved by the FDIC (pretty much most single family loans) you must purchase homeowners insurance?

As a school boy back in 1966 I cannot recall all of the furor when President Lyndon Baines Johnson signed Article 18 Medicare - Government Insurance for the Elderly - and Article 19 Medicaid -Governement Insurance for the poor. So government insurance is not new.
Additionally, a very wealthy man explained to his son and daughter that they must train for and complete a marathon (26.2) miles of running before they would able to inherit his wealth. The two did indeed train for and complete a marathon. The experience changed their physical and emotional lifes.
I have completed 24 marathons. Best time 3:08, a Boston Marathon qualifying time in my age group.
Thank you.

The health care bill is legislative fraud the objective of which is to preserve entrenched special interests that finance political campaigns. America has evolved into a symbiosis of entrenched financial and business interests and government, politicians protect their interests while pretending to act for the good of all. When leaving office Eisenhower warned about the threat to democracy posed by the military industrial complex. Not only has that grown (hence Iraq and Afghanistan) but the insurance, pharmaceutical, medical products, hospital, physician and financial complexes have joined it. In forcing citizens to buy insurance the bill in unconstitutional. But since our rights are a function of the interest group complex to which we belong it hardly matters.

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