More states join lawsuit against health care reform

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Stacey Vanek-Smith: Today seven more states join a lawsuit against the Obama administration's health care plan. All told, 21 states are now protesting the requirement that everyone buy health insurance. Jill Barshay reports.

Jill Barshay: The new law requires virtually all Americans to carry health insurance by 2014. Robert Muise is an attorney at the Thomas More Law Center. The group has also filed suit. Muise says the government is allowed to regulate interstate commerce, but:

Robert Muise: That doesn't necessarily mean that the federal government can force people to engage in commerce, i.e. purchase things or engage in a commercial transaction.

It's rare that the federal government has ever made us buy stuff. Constitutional lawyer Ian Millhiser at the Center for American Progress had to go back to the Second Militia Act of 1792.

Ian Millhiser: Which required a significant percentage of the U.S. civilian population to purchase guns and bayonets and other military equipment, just in case they were ever called up for military service.

Millhiser says there's a good reason for the new law: so that people don't wait until they're sick before they buy insurance. Or else premiums for the rest of us will go up.

I'm Jill Barshay for Marketplace.

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Based on our past and present
economic conditions, the original numbers the CBO used to
score the healthcare bill are no
longer even close to the cost of
this bill. At the very least, no
further implementation of this bill should be permitted until an accurate cost of the charges
can be calculated.

Our Constitution will not be thrown out or manipulated.We are a democracy and not a dictatorship!This whole thing stinks from its secret closed door meetings to favors for votes for politicians,and passing it against the majority of American people will.This bill is not about our health its a fraud and a shake down of our money,freedom,and liberty.Our country is in a mess and we better all go to the polls in November and vote this socialist regime out of power.Stand UP Virginia and up hold Lawsuit.

My comment is that we are a low income familly that cant afford health insurance out there because of the rates are way to high its pay health insurance or eat well that i have 4 children food because number one so i say boo on the health insurance stuff that he is trying to poll Is funny once he said that ever one was going to be fined not to have health insurance Insurance company just rasied all there rates sky high if he wants to work on something it should be were ever one can afford health insurance.Insurance rates ect

When people compare auto insurance to health care their comments should be totally diregarded as bunk. Tell everybody in New York City has to buy auto insurance when 60% don't own an auto. Stop the auto insurabnce junk please.

Uh... hello? What about state laws governing auto insurance? In many states, if a driver isn't covered, they pay a fine or an additional fee to register their vehicle. Plus they set 'minimum' coverage requirements as well. I don't see anybody making a big fuss about that.

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