What do you think about the health care decision?

People for and against the administration's health care act protest in front of he U.S. Supreme Court, on June 28, 2012 in Washington, D.C.

We talked to some regular folks on how the Supreme Court's decision might affect them -- Jamie Calder from Chicago, Ill.; Ben Schwenk from West Chester, Ohio; Alexis Simpson from Los Angeles, Calif.; Derek Peterson from Birmingham, Mich.; Risa Kahn from Los Angeles; Bradley Gawthrop out of Johnson City, Tenn.

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So the government tells me not to smoke cigarettes, not to drink alcohol, not to eat fatty foods, not to rely on high carbohydrates, and to get out and exercise; so that when I do make and keep myself healthy they can fine me $2500 each year? W T F?

Did any of the lawyers think about this case before they took it to the Supreme Court? The Third Amendment says that the government is not allowed to garrison federal soldiers in my home, meaning that if they can't pay to do what they are supposed to do then it is not up to me, to share that expense, not up to me to have federal policy take away from my household and my family. Social Security? That is their joke that I will get back what I put into it, but health care? I spend less that twenty dollars a year renewing the over the counter medications I do use, and whenever there is an effective medication, in a few years it vanishes from circulation. So now I am going to be fined because other people do not take care of themselves? Because they did not choose a compatible mate? Because they willingly did damage to themselves it is some how my fault? Everyone dies and Politics will not change that fact.

Has anyone ever heard that there is no such thing as a free lunch? Obamacare has already increased the cost of health insurance, and it has nowhere to go but UP. How can insurance companies pay for "free" services, without charging the right rates to cover their costs? My guess is that companies have spent multi-millions of dollars in the past year and 1/2 trying to comply with and implement a law that the people who wrote it can't even define..there have been so many interim rules, interim final rules, amendments to interim rules, amendments to interim final rules...you get the idea....every time causing re-writing of contracts, re-programming computer systems...then starting next year, health insurance carriers will be hit with additional taxes to help cover the cost of the law...this is a nightmare for America and Americans. This is nothing but cost-shifting taxation from the government to health insurance companies in the form of increased premiums so the women can have free birth-control, mammograms, etc. Even a little cost sharing would mean people taking some personal responsibility....Obamacare is going to bankrupt companies. It does NOTHING to lower the cost of health CARE. It's all political, and not rational. There are workable ways to lessen the cost of health CARE and provide services to the poor (who, by the way are exempted from purchasing health insurance or paying the tax penalty if they don't, under this law)...very few of those workable ideas are included in this hellish law, that was bullied through congress with little or no thought.

Does anybody really believe that forcing people to buy health care insurance is going to bring down costs? Even the proponents say that it won't. Compulsory universal coverage of a private, for-profit service that trades on the NYSE is going to be nothing more than a bubble with mandate. This isn't affordable, universal health care; this is an economic formula for universal ripoff and highway robbery. Conservatives may oppose it as socialism, but its authors are neo-cons. This decision has moved America to the far right in a big way. The only real alternative is a third party that is truly left of both political parties. Canada finally dumped its (quasi-) liberal party a couple of years ago for the New Democratic Party. Americans need to wake up to their true enemy. It's not "big government"; it's big business. The Democratic Party and its base have bee been co-opted. We are well on the road to fascism, not socialism, and we have been for a long time. Europeans are witnessing this first hand, right now. Wake up America.

I agree that Marketplace's reporting has focused on people who care only about costs. But I think helping 30 million uninsured people obtain health insurance is a wonderful thing. The aim of the bill (which is fully paid for) is not to lower health care costs, which are rising exponentially anyway, in part because of the toll that uninsured and under-insured people take. (A friend had to sue her insurance company because she was denied coverage for her hearing-impaired child). The goal is to increase access to health insurance by prohibiting insurance companies from denying health insurance to people with "pre-existing conditions" (that means people who are sick and need health insurance!) and, among other things, allowing children under the age of 26 to be covered under their parents' plans. It's a shame that Marketplace doesn't seem to be interested in any of these people. Their reporting is shamelessly biased. Next they'll be bemoaning all those laws that make people wear seatbelts and put their children in car seats. And enroll school-age children in SCHOOL! Socialism, that's what it is.

One common theme I'm seeing in the Marketplace reporting of the Affordable Care Act is the people who say it's a good thing only talk about how it helps them individually and directly. The people who don't like it are worried about things like the growth in power of the Federal government, and what it might mean in the future for other laws. So the law looks like a way to buy votes to people who are only concerned about themselves and don't take the bigger picture into their opinion.
As for myself, I don't see how forcing supply and increasing demand, is going to lower costs and make health care affordable.

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