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Getting Personal

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I am 53 years old and have about $150,000 in my 401K (my only savings).
my funds are currently in: 20% The Growth Fund of America (ClassR4)and 80% Legg Mason Value Trust Fund. I am concerned about the Leg Mason fund and would ask what you suggest. The followng funds are available to me:
Stable Value Option, MainStay Indexed Bond, PIMCO Total Return FUnd Barclays Life Paths (year options), Mainstay Income Manager Fund, Mainstay S&P 500 Index Fund, Baron Small Cap, Fidelity Low-PRiced Stock Fund, RS Partners Fund.
Thank you,


Have you ever done a spot on the negative economic effects of hoarding, like Mr. Scrooge did? Would it help our economy if the haves did some smart shopping, instead of "'keeping' more of their own money"? A real "Tiny Tim", willing and able to do honest work, slept on a park bench last night.

A few years ago, I used a credit counseling service to help me pay down about $8,000 in credit card debt. Since then, my husband and I have not used any credit cards at all. Now, we want to open our own business, and we'll need a business loan to start up. What would be the best way to rebuild a good credit score? We pay our mortgage and car payment on time, but that's probably not enough to impress a banker.

For Heather and anyone else who has cancer questions. I listened to your question on Saturday and wanted to make sure you knew what the American Cancer Society can do for you.
You can call 1-800-277-2345 24 hours a day for free. ACS can help you with a personal health manager kit. ACS can also direct you to local agencies that might be able to help financially. There is so much more too.
Also- Come join the ACS CAN Fightback Express Bus on Tuesday July 15 from 11:45am-12:45pm in the Anderson Town Square. We will talk about using advocacy to ensure insurance companies cover needed medical expenses and procedures and much more.

My mutual fund advisor recently enocuraged me to shift my Euro-Pacific shares to one called the Fundamental Fund. I noticed this particular fund is comprised of 69% American companies. Could reinvestment in American companies stimulate activity and bring back the value of the dollar. By issuing shares for their investment capital rather than using loan funds wouldn't they be further ahead? Thank you...Janet

I have a friend who is going to hire a home health care worker. She wants to avoid hiring an agency and pay this person directly. What taxes is she liable for and will she need an EIN?

I have less than $10,000.00 in a Fidelity Rollover IRA investment account. I am "retired" (my job was eliminated and I am over 75 years of age). My account breakdown is 35% Bonds 40% Money Mkt 20% Stock 5% High Interest something. My statement for June 2008 showed a loss in investment value of $117.88. Please tell me if my % division is smart at this time or any time? Are Bonds good to have when stocks are in such bad shape? Or should I just get out now and sit on the sideline for awhile? I don't have much money and any drop in savings has a large impact on our finances, Thank you and I never miss your money show.
Andy B.

Is there a way to block a child who is going off to college from applying for credit cards? I think this child could REALLY get into credit card debt.


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