Who picked the word 'sequester' anyway?

A final thought, which goes like this. We've just gotta find a new word for "sequester." Because really, it's just not fun to say -- or hear. At least "fiscal cliff" had a certain ring to it, even though we didn't really love that either.

Speaker of the House John Boehner is trying to get some traction for "Obamaquester." Funny, if not entirely accurate.

So over to you. Tweet us @MarketplaceAPM or @KaiRyssdal, or comment below with your suggestion.

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Cashstration - slicing 6% of government program funds off the top

Hey Kai, how about "seekfrustration"? Why would any politician paint themself into a corner otherwise?

Dispassionate, indiscriminant cutting of spending is best called "COLD CUTTING". Sequestration has too many meanings (kidnaping, removal of toxic substances, etc). Cold-cutting is understandable to all and can readily be applied to slicing of the budgetary pie. Used as a verb, to "COLD-CUT" the budget can be seen as a way to put our nation on a weight-reduction diet of small un-appetizing meals. And everyone, fat and skinny will need to give up the big plates overfowing with steak, potatoes, desert and after-dinner drinks. Cold-cutting should also slice into the issue of "PORK", prohibiting our DC representatives from gobbling up budget for their own districts. Cold cutting will make sure our piece of the national pie is indiscriminantly reduced, all in the name of becoming whole again.

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This seems to have the right suggestion of alimentary dysfunction. It's either that or COUNTRY CLOSEOUT!

Congquester? Congress put the bill together that the Pres signed...

"No Big Deal" - maybe the economy and the government really are too big anyway. Stop complaining about the spending or lack there of. Maybe Bush should have made us save rather than prove to the world that we weren't going to let terrorists cause our credit cards to tarnish for lack of use.

Kai, instead of sequester, this whole fiasco should be called "budgecrastination." Instead of preparing the national budget, politicians did what they do best - they procrastinated. Budgecrastination. Or, used as a verb, they budgecrastinated.

How about the “WAWPT” sequester (as in “Why Are We Paying Them” sequester) If we elect them to work, they should do so. Instead, we end up being “wapped” (whapped) by their lack of work.

Instead of sequestration, we should just say "stuck nation", since that is what we are - a nation frozen on the brink of manufactured crisis after manufactured crisis. Yay political gridlock!


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