Who picked the word 'sequester' anyway?

A final thought, which goes like this. We've just gotta find a new word for "sequester." Because really, it's just not fun to say -- or hear. At least "fiscal cliff" had a certain ring to it, even though we didn't really love that either.

Speaker of the House John Boehner is trying to get some traction for "Obamaquester." Funny, if not entirely accurate.

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Considering the probable impact of doing nothing and allowing the sequester to kick in March 1, two options might be "fiscal brownout" and pulling the "fiscal choke." Not as painful as willingly succumbing to indefinite "fiscal constipation," but shorter and more dinner-hour friendly.

Since Congress has control, call it the Con-quester

Since it is the failure of congress to PASS appropriate legislation to MOVE the country forward I propose the term
as an appropriate descriptor for the current crisis.


The failure of the Boehner-Obama agreement was caused by the straightjacket of Norquist's tax pledge on House Republicans.

Lets give where credit is due: Teaquestration

I was thinking Teaquester
but Johnnio beat me to it.
and made me think of Teacastration

now for definitions,
Teaquester - one who seeks to cut taxes beyond all logical economics arguments, to the detriment of the national and world economies
Teacastration - the result at the following election when the Teaquesters' policies have the predicted negative results (the Teaquesters will blame Obama)

Sebluster - Of course it's a basic blending of sequester and bluster...no real explanation needed here.

1) auto-dec (short for auto-decrement)
2) abridgment
both make more sense to me than sequestration

Not so much a replacement for sequester but how about





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