What's your tourism slogan for the U.S.?

A spectator with a American flags attends the Citi Military Appreciation Day event to honor U.S. veterans and current service members at Citi Pond in Bryant Park on Nov. 11, 2011 in New York City.

This final note today. Tourism is a big economic deal in this country. Many billions of dollars worth of big deal.

So a new marketing campaign from a public private partnership called the Corporation for Travel Promotion caught our eye. America as "The United States of Awesome Possibilities." Which just begged for other ideas:

Brandon Flood: I mean, it's a little overboard, the 'awesome.'

Ron McMillan: The United States of Limitless Opportunities.

Don Stewart: We welcome anyone that wants to come visit. We'll certainly welcome anyone that wants to come buy our stuff.

Dennis Meacham: United States of Acceptance.

Stewart: I would say United States, Y'All Come. But that seems to be just a little more colloquial than perhaps a global advertising campaign.

Karen French: Somebody's getting paid good money to come up with something better than 'awesome.' Am I wrong? I'm not wrong in that.

Brandon Flood of Harrisburg, Penn.; Ron McMillan of Richmond, Calif.; Don Stewart in Homewood, Ala.; Dennis Meacham of Harrisburg, Penn.; and Karen French, also in Harrisburg.

Got a better idea? Send 'em along.

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Took me a while to remember to pop over here and drop this in:

United States of Aristocracy.

It's not flatting, no, but it's certainly not false. Anyone checked to see how personally wealthy their elected officials are, recently? The average net worth of a US senator today is $13,400,000. That's more money than I'm likely to make in my entire lifetime.

Additionally, if the purpose is to get tourists from other parts of the world to visit the US, “awesome” is an American phrase and does not translate well to others, including most adults over 40. “Awesome,” works if your demographic is 12-25 year olds from the US or Canada, the group with the least money to travel.

It should be “The United States of Adventure,” with a commercial featuring Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Rocky Mountains, the Grande Canyon, Florida beaches and the Everglades, snorkeling in the Florida Keys, driving along the Pacific Coast Highway or the North Cascades Scenic Highway in Washington, white water rafting down the Columbia river, rock climbing in New Mexico or at Zions National Park in Utah, hiking the Appalachian Trail horse riding in Marfa, Texas, round up of the wild horses in Wyoming, a rodeo in Texas, fly fishing in Montana, and other vignettes on what make us unique. The commercial can also go from land (one scenic highway to another, to horeback), sky (the Rocky Mountains or other peaks), sea (beaches).

You can find gambling and shopping anywhere and we can’t compete with the architecture, history, or museums of Europe.

We didn't find it necessary to add adjectives to our official national name, so why bother with them on promotionals?

"The United States of Possibilities" would suffice quite nicely, thankyouverymuch.
Drop the "awesome" for god's sake. Not only is it lame, it's unnecessary.

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