Using social media in the bathroom

This final note today, which I guess shouldn't be surprising, but still does kinda make you go 'ewww.'

A survey out from the social media consulting firm NM Incite says almost a third of people 18-24 -- that is, the fastest growing group of social media users -- do so in the bathroom. It's too much information, in the very real sense of the phrase.

It does also get us to another study from the independent warranty provider Square Trade, which shows 9 percent of iPhones wind up getting dropped in the toilet.

I'm not makin' it up, people -- I'm just reporting it.

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Kai Ryssdal is the host and senior editor of Marketplace, public radio’s program on business and the economy.
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It's funny but it's true. I have experienced this too where I'm checking my facebook and twitter in the bathroom and my phone slipped in my hands and dropped it on the toilet, thank god it wasn't broken.


lolz ^_^

I think people use social media in bathroom as they might think that in bathroom there is peace and there they can talk with their near and dear ones without any disturbance.

The trend of social media is now spreads all corner of the world; research says that almost 90% of world populations have their social media account such as in Facebook, Twitter and Orkut and also in the latest Google+. Social networking concept helps to build a strong community and it became the best way for communication and stay connected with our friends and relatives across the country. Therefore we have witnessed many users are logged into their social accounts from their home and even if from their bathroom also.

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