TGIF: Company hosts Beer Cart Fridays

This final note today -- my last as host of this radio program*. Because I've found a way, way better place to work.

From now on you can reach me, care of Advanced Medical, they're down in Port Orange, Fla. And yes, it may sound strange to toss a promising young radio career for the unknown, but my new boss -- CEO Jennifer Fuicelli -- has a policy which honestly is just...awesome: Beer Cart Fridays.

Crackin' open a cold one, on the company's dime and on company time. Corporate culture before profits, the boss says.

APM, you listening?


*Editor's Note: This was a joke, people.

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Kai Ryssdal is the host and senior editor of Marketplace, public radio’s program on business and the economy.
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So not funny! The only news show I can stand, and the best host on radio threatens to leave it. It would drive me to drink.

It's not April 1. Is this for real? Kai, you're the reason we listen to NPR in the kitchen at dinner time. I guess the show will continue, but your keen insight coupled with breezy attitude will be sorely missed.

Is this a joke? 'cause I'm not laughing. I mean the part about leaving MP. The part about the beer cart was hilarious.

No, Kai, say it ain't so! I look forward to hearing you and your show every evening. Wish you the best.

Last show Kai? Really? Dude, you can't go! I feel like I'm losing a friend.
They can replace you but the show will never be the same. Good Luck man. Thanks for all the great shows. All the best!
And at least you get to do the beer thing.


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