TGIF: Company hosts Beer Cart Fridays

This final note today -- my last as host of this radio program*. Because I've found a way, way better place to work.

From now on you can reach me, care of Advanced Medical, they're down in Port Orange, Fla. And yes, it may sound strange to toss a promising young radio career for the unknown, but my new boss -- CEO Jennifer Fuicelli -- has a policy which honestly is just...awesome: Beer Cart Fridays.

Crackin' open a cold one, on the company's dime and on company time. Corporate culture before profits, the boss says.

APM, you listening?


*Editor's Note: This was a joke, people.

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Kai Ryssdal is the host and senior editor of Marketplace, public radio’s program on business and the economy.
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ha! if this were a ploy to get a percentage raise by the number of comments, I'm there buddy. you've tried this joke before, so I'm hoping the next time you try it, it's still a joke. having said that, what is the succession plan? no offense to the other Marketplace folks, but I don't see anyone close yet.

So relieved to hear this was a joke! After hearing this announcement, I drove for the following 5 min with my mouth agape! Kai. Don't mess with me like that!

Ditto all comments (except for those naysayers - so why do they listen?..... hmmm). I stopped what I was doing and began searching for a departure story! Whew! That was a close one.

Obviously all of those who don't like his delivery have stopped listening. Is there an UNmarketplace
website out there where i can find my posse?

Whew! I'm sure glad that asterisk was there. I kept wondering why this great journalist would go to a health care firm! I'd miss you, Kai.

That's one way to get new online subscriptions! I figured it was a joke... but a slight doubt mingled with a sense of dismay and disappointment led me to check the web site just to be sure. I've been listening to the show since the days of David Brancaccio, probably 1994... but until now I have never registered. Keep up the great work, always enlightening and entertaining! :-)

Just when i was ready to shout out "now i gladly won't have Kai Ryssdal to kick around any more" to all you who were adults in Nixon era, i then learn it was a hoax. Perhaps if those of us who don't like his smart-ass delivery could each throw in a few a bucks for his fri beer, he really would depart.

You scared the crap out of me. This is my favorite program and I have been listening to Marketplace since 1994. Glad I went to the website to see it was a joke. Not a good joke tho.

holy shittake i created a whole account and went thru a booger-ful of annoying fill-in info just to scream at you and now it's a joke o my head it hurts...KAI YOU FOOL i love you but imma kill you for that i'm so glad you're not leaving us!!!!!dang!!!!!


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