TGIF: Company hosts Beer Cart Fridays

This final note today -- my last as host of this radio program*. Because I've found a way, way better place to work.

From now on you can reach me, care of Advanced Medical, they're down in Port Orange, Fla. And yes, it may sound strange to toss a promising young radio career for the unknown, but my new boss -- CEO Jennifer Fuicelli -- has a policy which honestly is just...awesome: Beer Cart Fridays.

Crackin' open a cold one, on the company's dime and on company time. Corporate culture before profits, the boss says.

APM, you listening?


*Editor's Note: This was a joke, people.

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Kai Ryssdal is the host and senior editor of Marketplace, public radio’s program on business and the economy.
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When I told my husband I had shocking news on Friday, he thought someone had died. I was bereft all weekend. You think I'm kidding. I will bring you beer on Fridays if you promise never to do that again.

So, after spending four days in Canada (where, remarkably, Marketplace isn't offered as a feature on CBC radio) I arrive back and listen with bated breath to see who the new host of Marketplace Radio is going to be.

To my genuine surprise, it's still Kai.

Now I see this was a joke?
Why was it I didn't think Friday's sign-off sounded ironic, sarcastic or humorous?
Obviously, that little zinger was intended to be sardonic but didn't come across as such.

Dammit man, not funny. had to pull over off hwy 121 to rewind the podcast and was bummed for the rest of the day. Dude, you cant do that to people. You have your personal life and all, but com'n, we luvya man, almost as much as we do beer ;)

I spent the weekend wondering.... Ditto Leenda NJ, Whew! I actually just added this account specifically so that I could add my voice to these -- Kai, do not EVER attempt this joke again. Bidness news (tip of the hat to the late great Molly Ivins) would not be palatable without -- whatever it is that you do with delivery.

I just want to +1 that THANK GOD THAT WAS A JOKE! I just had a heart attack listening to Friday's podcast this Sunday evening! Thank goodness this website was here with its asterisk! Kai, we love you, man. :-)

Just had a look at the Advanced Medical website and Facebook page. All those employees are grinning ear to ear! They must like beer, too.

Thanks, I spewed my lager all over the place.

Not funny, Kai. Not funny at all. Don't do this again. I know you like beer and all, but I had been really bummed out for the last 24 hours, until I opened the site to listen to the story again, hoping I had mis-heard. Just behave yourself.

Again with the "I'm outta here" jokes? I was just about to dopeslap APM and ask what the hell are they doing. First one of the Morning Report hosts (sorry, the name eludes me), then Tess, then Heidi, and now you???? (Money still isn't the same, and I still miss hearing Heidi on the air more than once every few weeks on the wrap.)

Seriously, Kai? We're going to have to penalize you a brew or two for scaring us like that. Twice!

I know I stand with all my fellow Marketplace listeners when I say WHAT! HOLY RADIO CONTROLLED DOUBLE BOILER, BATMAN! whew..was I had or what. After I got over my initial shock I thought "what a juicy piece of gossip". So I went to the website to grab the link to send to my daughter. Didn't find out about the hoax til then. Kai, you shouldn't do this to us when we're driving.


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