State of the Union 2013 sounds a bit like State of the Union 2012

Flanked by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden (L) and Speaker of the House John Boehner (R), U.S. President Barack Obama (C) delivers his State of the Union speech before a joint session of Congress at the U.S. Capitol February 12, 2013 in Washington, D.C.

This final note today, in which we bring back our hit series from last fall, the Fiscal Cliff Time Machine.

Except now it's the State of The Union Time Machine. You remember the rules. See if you can tell which piece of tape was this year, and which one was last year.

Topic number one: climate change. Here you go. Was choice 1 from this year, or was it choice 2?

I know! Hard, right? Wait 'til you hear this next one on housing.

Can't tell, can you? I wonder if you can plagiarize your own speech?

Give us your best guess by answering in the comments below or tweeting us at @MarketplaceAPM.

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Kai Ryssdal is the host and senior editor of Marketplace, public radio’s program on business and the economy.
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"I wonder if you can plagiarize your own speech?" No, one can't plagiarize oneself and it's a "walking-out-the-door" cheap-shot to suggest he is borrowing someone else's words when he's repeating something he has previously said. Why would repetition as the essence of suasion be difficult to recognize by someone who repeats ad nauseum "This is APM". [WHOA...Cheap-shot! Can you take as well as you give? ;) ]

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