Shannon Eastin will be first female official in an NFL game

Line judge Chuck Stewart #62 oversees the action as the Cincinnati Bengals face the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field at Mile High in 2011. Shannon Eastin will officiate the NFL game this Thursday.

This final note on the way out, just 'cause I think it's kinda cool.

Remember the name Shannon Eastin. She'll be on the field Thursday night when the Green Bay Packers play the San Diego Chargers. The NFL's lockout of the official's union means the league is using replacement referees, for its preseason games at least.

Eastin will be the first female official in an NFL game. And if you tune in to watch, hopefully what you see is nothing. Just people doin' their jobs.

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I was very disappointed in your final note about the NFL and its choice to hire scabs to replace workers it has locked out. You may have thought of it as a nice little human interest story, but when you editorialized that "hopefully what you see is nothing, Just people doin' their jobs" you weighed in on the side of management in this labor dispute. It is one thing to stand up for equal opportunity for women, and it is quite another thing to take sides in support of management and against labor in a lockout that will soon get national attention.

This is a serious failure of journalistic objectivity.

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