Los Angeles hit with powerful, hurricane-like winds

A boy whose school was closed climbs fallen trees on Green Street after strong Santa Ana Winds that are causing the worst local wind damage in decades on Dec. 1, 2011 in Pasadena, Calif. As many as 230,000 were without power and the city of Pasadena closed schools and declared a state of emergency

This final note on the way out today.

If I seem a bit low energy, like I'm dragging, it's 'cause I slept in the middle of a hurricane last night.

Actually, slept is too strong a word, because the winds that are hammering parts of Southern California kept the dogs up, kept the kids up and turned the lights out. About a quarter million people here are still without power, chez Ryssdal among them.

More Santa Anas to come tonight, as well.

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