Immigration bill also benefits meat industry, Irish workers, ski instructors

Skiing in Snowmass Village, Colo.

You know that big immigration bill that they're working on in Congress? Well, the bigger the bill, the easier it is to stuff it with...pork. (Literally, in some cases.)

Among the pet provisions you can find buried in that 844 pages of legislation? More visas for foreign workers for the American meat industry -- that was Sen. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina. New York Sen. Chuck Schumer's put in for an extra 10,500 visas for Irish workers. And Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado threw in a provision making it easier to hire foreign ski instructors.

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I'm tired of knee-jerk claims about government corruption. Instead of focusing on the real problems, like lobby influence on health care and financial legislation, increasing immigration from Ireland or for ski instructors is pure fluff. Federalism means state legislators push national legislation in their state's interests. That isn't pork, its the way democracy works. Presumably those from ski states understand the kinds of immigrants they need then someone from Florida. The interests of Irish-Americans, many of whom will hire Irish immigrants, is not pork, its based on Ireland's current situation and American history.

Pork is crude term that lacks specific meaning. Does radio infrastructure that lets NPR reach more people count as pork? It's purely subjective.

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