Calling mom can reduce stress levels

Your mom was right (as usual): It's good for your health to give her a phone call.

This final note today.

Call your mom. No, seriously. Call your mom -- it's good for you.

The Wired Science blog from Wired magazine reports on a study today that shows when people are stressed, talking to mom made 'em feel better -- physiologically. Stress hormones dropped, comfort hormones rose. Contact has to be on the phone or in person. Texting doesn't do a thing for you.

Marketplace angle? None. Just a plug for moms everywhere.

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Kai Ryssdal is the host and senior editor of Marketplace, public radio’s program on business and the economy.
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At first glance, I loved this item and wanted to forward to my 3 adult sons. But in running down the research (through the Wired link you provided) it turns out to be based on a study done only with middle school girls! You raised my hopes, but the data isn't there ...yet....

Kai, you are sweet... I have three adult kids and weeks will go by when I don't hear from anybody... and then...almost without fail, they will all call on the same day...ya' know - just need a 'Mom' hit in the mist of their busy lives. Too funny.

This is very encouraging. Our daughter will leave for college later this year, so I will let her know this as a loving reminder that talking (regularly) will be good for our mutual health. Thanks for sharing. :)

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