Survey: What Makes the British Happy?

Measuring happiness is no longer just for Bhutan; The United Kingdom is developing measures of "national well-being," and they're just finishing up a debate on what that means. This being the digital age, some of that debate is taking place online, where a cross-section of Brits are answering the question: "What in life matters most to you?"

You can read their responses and add your own opinion to the mix, but hurry; the debate ends April 15.

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Stan Alcorn is a multimedia journalist in New York City. He has reported for NPR and WNYC, where he has focused on business and the New York tech scene.
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Reminds me of a book (The Happy Minimalist) that I read about two years ago. The author shows the shortcomings of GDP and offers alternatives such as GNH (Gross National Happiness) and GPI (Genuine Progress Indicator). Good to see more countries are beginning to consider these.

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