Do Golden Globes equal box office cash?

Golden Globe statue


MARK AUSTIN THOMAS: Tonight in Hollywood, the Foreign Press Association awards the Golden Globes. Now, while it's nice to have that statue on the shelf of your swank Beverly Hills office or den, we wondered: Does it do anything besides collect dust? We asked Marketplace's Lisa Napoli to investigate.

LISA NAPOLI: Sure it looks cool and it'll impress all your friends.

But Brandon Gray of says The Golden Globes are kind of tinny when it comes to the box office.

BRANDON GRAY: Brokeback Mountain or The Aviator, the last two winners, didn't have significant improvement after the Golden Globe win.

As opposed to, say, what happens when you win the Academy Award. That almost guarantees a box office boost — even just a nomination can equal cash.

Even still, Gray says the parade of awards shows is diluting the power of Oscar, which for all you die-hard moviegoers is only 42 days away.

In Los Angeles, I'm Lisa Napoli for Marketplace.

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