Dine or Desk: Today's 'power lunch'

Four co-workers eat sandwiches as they sit on steps during a lunch break. Lunch is the meal most associated with the workday -- and work. How the power lunch came to be, and where it might be headed.

How you eat lunch at work can depend on your job, your boss, the office vending machine, local food spots - and it's changing by the lunch hour. Decades after the term "Power Lunch" came to rise in the late 1970s the working lunch is not what it used to be. Next week on Marketplace we're taking a closer look at workplace eating habits, so send us yours. Find us on Facebook or on Twitter at @MarketplaceAPM and tell us what is your definition of a working lunch. And listen for your best responses next week on Marketplace.
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Nobody here at my new job takes an actual hour out of the work day for lunch. This has been a hard adjustment for me, but nobody else complains, so I'm not about to. We all scarf down a PB&J during a 10 minute break. Technically we can leave after working for a straight 8 hours. But everyone usually works for 9 hours, or until the boss goes home :(

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