Day in the Work Life: Art model

Art model Parker McPhinney

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Go Parker! I love art modeling. (took a 10 year break due to injury) back on a limited basis. wish I could work more...its very physically demanding! So glad to hear real stories from other modelings. I find huge reward being a part of the creative process. and seeing outside yourself though artist's eyes. http://www.soartmodel.com

Yay Parker. the best artist model ever!!! YOU ROCK!!!

Yay Parker. the best artist model ever!!! YOU ROCK!!!

You're definitely NOT a dork!
and, you're still MY favorite model.

As a recipient of SSI and recieving less that $10,000 a year, $20,000 a year sounds rich to me... as an artist too, I also know how hard modeling is and always appreciated a really good model... so stick to it, $20,000 isn't alot by most standards but it's much better than how I live. My only great benefit is getting Medicaid, but I'd rather be working. And many people don't even have jobs now, as people very know...so consider yourself lucky. Hopefully everyone will soon have healthcare, and I'm back in school hoping I can work freelance... by the way, ever heard of The Freelancer's Union? It's free and it's networking and they have an insurance program. As a freelance model this may be good for you.

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