An inside look at 'the Family'

Cover of the "The Family," by Jeff Sharlet

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In it not funny that it was Ike that allowed these guys the first prayer meeting? You remember Ike's warning to JFK about the Industrial Military Complex. Maybe Pres. Eisenhour knew what he was talking about...

So we finally have someone connecting the dots regarding the relationship between the "religious right" and the military industrialists masquerading as free market fundamentalists. While not necessarily a conspiracy there is no doubt a well funded and politically connected movement aimed at sucking as much money as possible (and has done so for many years, SEE Blackwater, Haliburton and the Bush family), out of the U.S. treasury in the name of "GOD and Country".

This guy sounds like he belongs to the black helicopter crowd on the left. He believes there is someone in the grassy knoll…he is conspiracy nut. Clintons became a joke after saying the vast right wing conspiracy is in control of the world …once again he looks like a fool with such crazy talk … you can't fight the right with over the top conspiracy theories… makes you lose creditably.

The Family themselves are prideful thinking that their flawed understanding of the bible makes them right and therefore impose their economic views on others. So they say that God has something to say about abortion, social security, etc., but they always fail to take into account what Jesus said about revenge, enemies and love (Sermon on the Mount). These folks seem to me to be more about power and wealth, rather than about living lives of faith.

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